Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gooey Mouse Skills Exercise!

The new Unicorn ILS will have a Graphic User Interface. What does that mean? Well, to compare, the DRA classic uses a Text User Interface. In other words, your screen consists of nothing but text. A graphic user interface uses objects on the screen that you interact with. You generally interact with these objects by using a mouse.

So, if you are uncomfortable with a "Gooey" (GUI) environment, then take these series of exercises.

This first exercise will focus on mouse skills. The mouse is the key to the Gooey environment. Following are links to various places on the Internet that have fun ways to interact with the mouse and objects on the screen.

New User Tutorial: Need to know how to hold the mouse. Follow this link for a reminder.

Dot to Dot: Did you like doing dot-to-dot drawings as a child? They were great because they taught you hand-eye coordination as well as counting. Plus, you were rewarded in the end because you had a wonderful picture. Well, here is the mouse version.

Mr. Picasso Head: Create art and learn how to click, drag, and interact with objects on the screen at the same time.

SeniorNet: This is a great site that will help you double-click and click and drag.

Mousercise: This is a classic that help you use a mouse as well as introduces several Gooey concepts like Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Text Boxes, etc.

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