Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Newsbank's New Service: America's News Magazines

Newsbank has added some additional sources recently. While Newsbank has traditionally been a source for newspapers, these new sources are some familiar magazines such as Newsweek, People Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, etc.

When you access Newsbank, you will have two main links: 1) America's Newspapers; 2) America's News Magazines. Click on America's News Magazines and you will be taken to a list of the available magazines.

Be careful when using this, though. While this is a great service, we also subscribe to InfoTrac Onefile, and many of these sources are also available in InfoTrac Onefile (sometimes with broader full text coverage).

For example, Newsbank has full text coverage for Fortune from 1993 to current. InfoTrac has full text coverage for Fortune from 1983 to current.

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