Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CareerBuilder Being Blocked?

I was speaking recently with a customer who was not pleased that our filtering technology appeared to be blocking the popular job searching site, CareerBuilder. While using CareerBuilder, the customer would sporadically come across our filtering message stating that the page had been blocked.

Sam and I spent some time investigating and discovered that CareerBuilder is not being blocked. Rather, one of the advertisements that appears on CareerBuilder is causing our filter to trip. This add is attempting to automatically divert us to the ErrorSafe website.

ErrorSafe has been linked to the type of virus that I spoke of before, in which it tries to infect your computer, then sell you the solution. NICE!

If you should come across the filtering message while using CareerBuilder, my best advice is to press the back button. As you may know, ads that appear on web pages change frequently. Perhaps the offending ad will not be included the next time the page is loaded.

If this annoyance continues, you may have to use another job search engine that does not include malicious advertisements.


Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem for months, with CareerBuilder refusing to acknowledge that it continues. According to them, at least until today, it was a problem with my browser, or cookies, or bookmarks/favorites, or history, or some other rot. Yesterday, I loaded Opera on a brand new notebook....no history, cache, or bookmarks. And guess what happened when I simply typed "www.careerbuilder.com" in the address bar of Opera and hit the go button? A redirect to errorsafe.

I finally had it. I called the Tribune Company (one of the owners of CareerBuilder) and demanded to speak with someone who would listen to me and take action. I spoke to the secretary of the president of Tribune Company, who directed me to the president of Tribune Interactive, Tim Landon. He was out, but I left him quite a few choice words. I also managed to find some links via Google into the corporate section of the Careerbuilder site, and put in a call to Matt Ferguson, the president of CareerBuilder.com itself.

Apparently due to the holiday, he's out, too. But I found more info from another site that tracks ads that install malware has done some research that shows the problematic ads are indeed being served from careerbuilder.com, but they are too ignorant to see that the infected Flash files will not trigger a redirect from particular IP's that include careerbuilder itself....the redirect to errorsafe will only be triggered from specific timezones and geographic areas.

I sent that info to an email address that should go directly to Ferguson, with a comment that I didn't think Fortune 500 clients would want to use a site much longer that couldn't even secure itself to a minimal degree.

I'll post more info if and when I receive a response!

Kevin Dixon said...

Thank you for your input and sorry it took a while for me to post the comment. I should receive an email whenever someone places a comment, but I never received one. Therefore, the comment has been sitting here for a week without being published...

Please do keep us informed with your progress.

Anonymous said...

Here's a page with a lot more to say about the reasons for the problem and the responses from careerbuilder: