Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Internet Explorer 7 is on the Way

I was just informed that the new public and staff builds (anything we install from this point on) will have Internet Explorer 7 (or IE 7). This may take several months at the earliest to convert all public computers. However, some of you will be seeing these new browsers soon (some already have).

While I have yet to test it out, my advice at this point is limited. However, this Microsoft page has a link to a tour that I found helpful.

Some highlights... IE 7 allows for tabbed browsing. This is a great way to work with multiple web pages without opening separate windows. Each page you have open is displayed as a tab that you can see underneath the toolbars.

IE 7 automatically scales pages when printing so that we will no longer have to deal with browser pages being cut off on the side.

The print preview also works a bit differently.

I will send more information as I have it.

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