Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Public Catalog Most Popular Lists

A while back, I added some links on the public catalog page listing some popular titles and subjects. I would update this list manually, but the time it took to update forced me to update the list only once a quarter.

After an upgrade to our public catalog, I was able to utilize an automated tool that would do the same thing. Therefore, we now have the "Most Popular Lists" on every page of our public catalog. This list shows the top 5 Authors, Titles, and Subjects with the option to expand to the top 20 in each category. Of course, these list entries are links to searches for these topics. Rankings are taken directly from our circulation stats and are updated every Saturday night.

So, to review. These lists changed from manual quarterly updates to weekly automated updates. And these lists are located on every page instead of only on one page as it was before.

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