Wednesday, September 13, 2006


So I understand a school recently had an assignment that called for the students to create a calendar in another language. What was needed was some sort of template for MS Word that the students could use. The students could then replace the English words with the language of their choice.

I do see that MS Word has a Calendar Wizard that creates a document with a pre-made table. The only problem is that many, if not all, of our public (and staff) computers cannot run wizards. So we need to find another option via the Web.

Now there are many online calendars that are just that, online. These calendars are online versions of the calendar found in our Outlook accounts. They are meant to help people manage their time. So while these are useful in their own right, they do not help the students who are wanting to create a customizable document for a project.

The best site I have found is this one:

You have a number of calendar options to choose from. Once you make your choice, you are taken to another page. From that page, you select the month and year. You can also choose another language (French, German, or Spanish). You then click on the button "Download MS Word Calendar". There you go!

I tried this on one of the public computers at Central and everything worked.

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