Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why a Wiki?

Go Live 2"Why are we using a wiki for the ILS Reference training document?"

As mentioned in the previous post, we will be using a wiki for the Reference ILS training document. And as this entire transition to the new ILS is a work-in-progress, things may change frequently. This will allow us to change with it (not to mention the cost benefit of not having to print and re-print multiple documents). For example, you may recognize quicker procedures once we put this to practice. If so, we can quickly change the training document and everyone will have immediate access.

This will also allow for a greater level of interactivity. For example, you can create an account on this wiki. Once you do that, you can pose questions or offer suggestions via the Discussion (or Talk) page. That way, all questions and answers can be accessed immediately by all. Read these instructions for more information on contributing to the Discussion (or Talk) page.

Also, if you use a web feed reader/aggregator, you can subscribe to the Recent Changes page and be notified whenever anyone changes this wiki.


ForestJane said...

Looks good, Kevin!

Is there a link to the pages we'll be using at the desk, so we can see the format we'll be typing into?


Kevin Dixon said...

Thanks, Jane! The screen shots throughout the wiki are actual screen shots I created while using the new ILS. Take a look at this picture for a close look at the item search screen.

Is this the answer to your question?

Or are you wondering when you will be able to get your hands on the actual program?

ForestJane said...

It was the actual program I wanted to play with. :)

I tend to learn more by doing things and reading and figuring them out at my own pace. In a class, being shepherded slowly thru specific icons and steps, I'm often thinking ahead, and start wondering, 'hmm, what happens if I click on THIS' then suddenly I'm off on a tangent.

Kevin Dixon said...

I just checked with Alan, and branch installation of Workflows will be one of the topics in today's conference call with SirsiDynix.

We had planned on installing Workflows in branches in late January. However, we have run into a couple of situations that need to be addressed before we install.

We hope to have a "ballpark" estimate after today's conference call.

I will pass on the information as I learn more.