Monday, March 19, 2007

What Would You Do? Answer

When confronted with a pop-up window of unknown origins, it is best to close the window by pressing the Alt key on the keyboard in conjunction with the F4 key on the keyboard. Alt-F4 will close the current window.

Clicking on Cancel or even the X button would install the product that would introduce all sorts of problems to your computer.

Wikipedia has a nice article with links to other reviews of this type of "product".


Miss Mary said...

I'm squinting my eyes and trying to think this through...If the unsolicited window pops up as a pop-under, then I guess we would minimize the good windows until the bad window was active and then do alt-F4? IMHO, pop-unders are almost worse than pop-ups; they make me wonder what's going on under there!

Kevin Dixon said...

Yes, that would be a good strategy. Although, I wonder how many of these malicious hooks appear as pop-unders since they are wanting to make it appear that your computer is sending you a message?