Monday, September 17, 2007

Delay Outgoing Outlook Messages In Case You Instantly Regret What You Sent

Have you ever sent an e-mail message only to instantly realize that you forgot to include an attachment, or sent it to the wrong person, or misspelled something, etc.?

If you have, then this tip from the How-To Geek is right for you. It explains how to delay all messages being sent for a certain brief amount of time. This gives you a chance to stop a message if you press Send and instantly wish that you had not.



Miss Mary said...

This is FANTASTIC! What an incredible feature. It would have saved me the discomfort of a pang when I posted what I thought was a personal reply to the TLA listserve. Of course, now that I had that object lesson, I'm much more careful about not hitting send- unless I'm trying to send an attachment- which I never seem to attach the first time around.

Anonymous said...

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