Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Adult Services Group Presentation

At today's Adult Services Group meeting, I talked about some future trends such as blogs, wikis, and web feeds. Here is the link to the del.icio.us account I used for the presentation. This has links to all the examples I used. You will find some categories on the right side (Blogs, Wikis, WebFeeds). Also, each "favorite" has some notes attached.

If you are curious as to what del.icio.us is, see these two previous posts.

For more information on Wikis, see this previous post.

For more information on Web Feeds, see this previous post.


Doris Dixon said...

I have a much better understanding of syndication of web sites after Kevin's ASG presentation. I have a subscription to my.yahoo but find it awkward it to use. I'll try bloglines.com.

I wonder what other methods of syndication MPLICers are using...

Doris Dixon, Raleigh

Alan Stewart said...

Great list of resources, Kevin! Staff who'd like to learn more about federated searching may want to check out this post on the ILS Blog.