Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More MySpace

The MySpace issue continues. For those interested in a very comprehensive and informative discussion on the MySpace topic (much more than my measly post) check out this "thesis" by Meredith Farkas, author of the blog Information Wants to Be Free and the wiki Library Success.

See this post from Sarah Houghton, author of the blog Librarian in Black, about Congress having discussions about making schools and libraries ban minors from using sites like MySpace.


Doris G. Dixon said...

Check this out:

Birmingham Public Library's My Space Profile. They have about 400 friends. It took me awhile to find the link to their main website (under blurbs).

When I first followed the link to Meredith Farkas' blog, I thought I am not reading that. I came back today, however, and found it to be interesting. I'd like to hear from librarians from Birmingham PL and other places about why they decided to establish a presence on this social networking sites. Interesting.

Doris G. Dixon said...
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BPL Staff said...

As Director of the Birmingham Public Library, I admit that I had to be convinced that launching out to MySpace was the proper thing to do. I am not very Techno-Savvy, but my intense desire to reach the public and to provide information mandated that I surround myself with those who have the techniques to navigate within this world in which we live.

My attendance at a recent workshop challenged me as a Director "to take the library to the people." that meeting, coupled with the constant subtle emails that I received from the library's webmaster concerning MySpace, I was convinced that the time was right to make this move.

We are excited about our friends and what they have to say. Some of them are current and past users of the library and others are visiting us for the first time via this method. We look forward to having more friends as we eagerly await the opportunity to satisfy their informational needs.
-Barbara Sirmans

Kevin Dixon said...

Wow! Thank you for your input on this topic.