Monday, May 22, 2006

The Missing Librarian in Da Vinci Code

I read the Da Vinci Code a year or so ago and remembered a part of the book in which Langdon (the hero) found himself at a dead end in his treasure hunt. Where did he go for help? A library! The librarian worked with Langdon by deciphering what would be the best keywords to use in a database query. It worked and Langdon was soon back on his journey.

Well, I saw the movie this weekend (good, fun movie) and the librarian was replaced by. . . a mobile phone. Say what!?

Yes, Langdon found himself at a dead end in his treasure hunt and decided they needed to go to a library. They hopped on a bus; however, they soon realized that they did not have enough time to get to the library. Sophie (the heroine) saw a fellow bus passenger with a mobile phone and convinced him to let Langdon borrow it. Langdon then searched "a database" and came up with the key to continue their journey.

Langdon does say something like, "I wonder if I can access the database". So, this could be a wonderful advertisement for the future of libraries. You can access us anywhere, even on your mobile phone.

Or, you can see it how probably the masses will see it. Langdon does not have time to go to a library, so he searches the internet with someone's mobile phone.

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