Monday, June 12, 2006

PowerSearch is Coming

The new ILS will utilize federated search. Read this blog post from the ILS blog for more information. Basically, you have the ability to search multiple databases with one interface.

On a similar note, the interface for many of our Library Databases will soon change. Thomson Gale, the source of many of our databases, will begin utilizing a federated search interface.

A rough estimate for MPLIC to make this switch-over is some time in August; however, you can give it a test drive now. Click here for a sneak-peak. Or click here for a 10 minute guided tour.

This will not affect non-ThomsonGale databases such as Newsbank, Rosetta Stone, LearnaTest. Also, not all ThomsonGale databases are making the transfer.

Information on training will be forthcoming.

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