Sunday, June 04, 2006

Use CTRL to Select Multiple Items in Lists

Have you ever helped a customer who sent multiple print jobs? The scenario may go like this: They send 6 print jobs but they only want this one and that one and that one, etc. Then, they need to know how much it will cost because they need to add some money to their card. Meanwhile the line at the desk is getting longer and the line of people wanting to use the print station is getting impatient.

The CTRL key is your calvary in these situations. If you press and hold the CTRL key while mouse-clicking on the various print jobs, the Pharos system will automatically calculate the price of all print jobs. Likewise, when you click on Print, Pharos will print all print jobs you clicked on.

If you want to remove a print job from your selection, just click on it again while still holding the CTRL key.

This concept works with many applications. For example, if you want to delete several e-mail messages, you can press and hold the CTRL key while mouse-clicking the various e-mail messages. Then, click the delete button and they will all go away.

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