Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Library Search Engine

LibWormLibworm is another search engine devoted solely to library-related blogs feeds. The main difference between this one and the other library search engine I wrote about is that LibWorm offers RSS feeds of searches.

So, if you are interested in a certain topic and you want to know when someone in the library world blogs about it, perform a search and subscribe to it. You will be notified when a new result appears.


David Rothman said...

A few small clarifications:

LibWorm is NOT restricted just to blogs.

There are many more differences between LibWorm and LISZEN, including scope and results ordering. To think of it as "LISZEN with feeds" sells both LibWorm and LISZEN (a tool I love) short.


-David Rothman
Co-creator, LibWorm.

Kevin Dixon said...

Thank you for pointing out the fact that LibWorm is not limited to blogs.

The advanced features of the two sites are quite different and unique; however, the basic user (and I consider myself basic) may have a tough time deciphering a difference between the two.

The motto for LISZen is "Connecting you to 500+ blogs within the library profession..."

The motto for LibWorm is "Searching the Biblioblogosphere and Beyond..."

And one of the first bloggers to comment on LISZen, Steven Cohen (who also happens to be a consultant for LibWorm), said "While I absolutely love the concept of LISZEN, I can’t help but notice the big grey elephant standing in the corner that nobody wants to talk about.

Or maybe that should be a big orange button with three letters inside (pick your choice of which letters to use)."

And your comment to Phil Bradley:

"Perhaps The most important thing LibWorm does is allow you to output any search as an RSS feed so you can stay informed of any new developments on the subject of your search."

So my intention is not to sell anything short by thinking of LibWorm as "LISZen with feeds", but I must admit that it is an easy assumption to make.