Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday Service Tech Assistance

I worked in LINC yesterday so let me pass on the type of assistance I provided.

I helped a customer arrange their paper according to their teacher's specifics. This involved changing the margins to 1" all around (covered in our How Do I Format My Document? class) . Then we had to access the Header so that the customer could insert their last name and a page number. This had to be aligned to the right so I got to show them how to set a right-aligned tab (covered in our What's Up with Bullets, Numbers, and Tabs? class).

Another customer called me over in a panic because all of his page numbers he had inserted in the Footer had disappeared. I noticed his View setting was on Web Layout. This view setting does not show Footers and Headers. You always want the View setting in Word to be Print Layout. Once I changed the View setting (via the View menu), the page numbers re-appeared (not that they disappeared. They just were not being displayed). View settings are covered in our What's Wrong with My Document? class.

I helped numerous customers copy and paste from the Web. These customers were familiar with the process but they were used to accessing the copy and paste functions from right-clicking. I explained that right-clicking is disabled, then showed them how to access those same functions from the Edit menu (also from What's Wrong with My Document?).

Another customer approached me because the printer was Off Line. I quickly fixed the problem by following the instructions I described in this past post.

One customer had sent about 10 print jobs to the print station over the course of two hours. Her print jobs were scattered across the queue, yet she asked me how much it was going to cost. By following the instructions I described in this past post, I quickly showed her how she could have the print station total the amount for her. She had enough money on the card and since all print jobs were already selected, one click on the Print button was all that was needed to print all 10 print jobs.

One customer wanted to print a small section of a 5 page document. We accessed the Print Preview and found the page with the content she needed. Then I showed her how to print that one specific page (explained on step 3 in this document that should be displayed somewhere in your library).

So, I always try to keep an eye out for new training topic opportunities when I work on Sundays, but it appears that our current training topics are right on the money.

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