Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Find Books Totally Different Than the Books You Hate

LibraryThingHere is a unique reader's advisory tool that LibraryThing offers (what is LibraryThing?)

It is called Unsuggester. Here is LibraryThing's description:

It analyzes the seven million books LibraryThing members have recorded as owned or read, and comes back with books least likely to share a library with the book you suggest.

This could be used two ways. 1) If a customer really needs to shake things up, they have lost all inspiration in their current readings, and they want something new, enter a book they have read recently into Unsuggester. 2) If you know of a book that is totally something you would never read, ever, enter it into Unsuggester.

Unsuggester will then return books that are completely different from the book you searched for.


Of course, Library Thing offers a Suggester, too.

Found via Stephen's Lighthouse.

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