Thursday, April 05, 2007

All About Google Maps (Part One)

Google Maps 1Google Maps is a great tool to use when helping our customers find other locations or services. For one, you have the basic services of finding any location or directions to locations.

But you also have the ability to Search Nearby for any location you find. For example, a customer asks where the nearest Notary can be found. Rather than scanning the yellow pages for anything that may be near your branch, just type the address of your branch. When Google Maps finds your branch, you will see a link that says Search Nearby. Click on it and type Notary and a list of notaries appears arranged by proximity.

Also, you can use the search to find answers to obscure questions as well. For example, I was recently helping a customer who was looking for a hair braiding place on Summer. He did not know the name or where on Summer it was located. He had searched the Yellow Pages and did not find it. He was scanning the Cole's "criss-cross" directory for every location on Summer to no avail.

I went to Google Maps and performed a search "hair braiding summer memphis tn". Several locations appeared on the sidebar with their locations pinpointed on the map. Only one was on Summer.

"Would that by Mame Hair Braiding?" I asked. He jumped up and said "YES!". I gave him the address and phone number. He had been looking for this place for about 30 minutes. Google Maps found it is less than 30 seconds.

For details on how Google Maps works, see their Help page.

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