Wednesday, April 04, 2007

LEAP Survey and Library Programs with Computers

You recently received an e-mail from some of the current LEAP participants requesting information about your skills for programming. You may be thinking that you do not have any skills that anyone would want to know about. Let me share some ideas about computer classes that could be fun for some folks.

Currently, our computer classes focus on tasks such as mousing, web searching, sending/receiving e-mail (very basic stuff). Would it not be great to also offer classes such as How to Buy and Sell on Ebay? Or How to Share and Edit Photos Online?

I can probably develop these classes, but having never sold anything on Ebay, I may not be the right one to present it. Have you sold anything on Ebay? Would you like to show others how it is done?

Are you an expert at other specific computer topics such as MySpace, Blogger, or Flickr?

When completing this survey, keep in mind that these skills are popular right now and could probably draw a good crowd. On top of it all, it would be a lot of fun.

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