Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Content for MPLIC Tech Train Wiki

I recently added some instructions to the MPLIC Tech Train wiki regarding creating and sorting lists with Excel. Many of you have come to me over the years for assistance in using Excel to do just this. Here you will find answers to common tasks such as resizing, inserting, deleting columns and rows, sorting data, formatting text, etc.

Also you will find information on wrapping text (if you've used Excel before, you know that text will keep going and going unless you tell it to wrap or do something crazy like put your text in two different cells giving the impression that the text wraps to the next line...)

If you are wanting to use Excel for a list, then check here. You can also call me and I will help. Additionally, I will be adding this class to the rotation of the successful one hour classes (mainly on Word) that I offered last year. But first, we need to get past this ILS training...

Over the past few weeks, I have also added this content to the wiki:

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