Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Send Your E-Mail Messages to "Purgatory" Before You Send Them Straight to... the Deleted Items Folder

Someone recently shared with me a tip on managing your Outlook email account. This person has set up a sort-of "purgatory" email folder for those messages that they want to delete but are not too sure if they will need them or not.

Generally, time will be the decider as to whether or not you need a message. If a month goes by and you have not needed the message, you can probably chunk it.

The staff member then can Empty their Deleted Items folder without losing the "purgatory" email items (now located in a separate folder).

This system does two things:

  • It rids their Inbox of unwanted messages.
  • It allows them to empty their Deleted Items folder more frequently, thereby giving them more space on the Exchange server.
For more information, see these MPLIC Tech Train Wiki entries:

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