Monday, March 13, 2006

Toward Equality of Access Report

In our Library Computers: When a Customer Asks. . . training, we go over a few stats taken from a Gates Foundation report titled Toward Equality of Access. Follow the link to the PDF version of this report. It is a nice reminder whenever the computer questions start wearing you down.

Here is a synopsis taken from the report:

Drawing from government statistics and independent research, the report finds widespread acceptance of library-based computer and Internet access from patrons and librarians. But more importantly, the report finds that public access computing is benefiting those socioeconomic groups with the greatest need.

However, the report also notes urgent—but manageable— challenges facing libraries as they seek to maintain and further develop their role in providing access to digital information. This valued public service can only be sustained by the continued support of policymakers, librarians, and community advocates.

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