Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Benefit of Aggregators

Doris makes an excellent point in a comment on my DOPA post.

I am relying heavily on other bloggers to make me aware of issues such as this one (with DOPA, institutions who take advantage of e-rate subscriptions to the Internet would have to filter social networking sites like and net neutrality. As Kevin, has written before, using an aggregator like bloglines seems a more efficient way to *try* to stay informed than wading through e-mail listservs messages and action alerts. I guess one could use all of these methods in concert.

E-mail is an entrenched part of MPLIC work culture. I look forward to the day when scanning blogs becomes second nature to us.

Without my bloglines subscriptions, my knowledge of current tech trends in the library world would be extremely limited or much harder to maintain.

Thank you to Doris for making that connection!

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