Thursday, August 17, 2006

MPLIC Public Computer Availability Above Average

Below is a message that Betty Anne recently sent:

There was a story in yesterday’s CA on page A2 entitled “Schools refocusing on Math, Science”. One of the sections of the article “Net available – not” talked about the availability of public-use Internet terminals in pubic libraries. It pointed out that TN had the sixth-worst number at 2.2 per 5,000 population.

Given the commitment Memphis Public has had to increasing the number of computers to the public, I did a little research on where Memphis Public stood.

Our population based upon what the State Library says we are responsible for: basically, Memphis, Bartlett and unincorporated Shelby County, has the population figure of 820,151. The article based their info on per 5,000 population, so we would have 164.03 units of 5,000.

From the computer angle, Memphis Public has 516 computers for public use.

I am happy to report that means we have 3.15 computers per 5,000 population. That ranks well above the TN figure of 2.5 and puts us ahead of the national average of 3!

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