Friday, August 18, 2006

International Keyboard Shortcuts

I was using a computer a few weeks ago to send an e-mail message. There was a slight problem. The keyboard was slightly different than the keyboards I was used to. Well, I was in another country at the time and the computer was coin operated. My time was ticking down so rather than trying to find the right keys, I just typed away. Sure, every word had a letter or two that were blatantly wrong, but I knew the receiver of the message could figure it out.

Now, imagine a customer from a far-away land attempting to use our keyboards. They will be slightly different that the ones they are used to. And not everyone is like me in that they will probably want to know how to duplicate letters and symbols that are in their language. Even an experienced typist may have difficulty using our keyboards.

You can use this document from Microsoft to help customers in these situations. Since this situation is few and far between, the couple of times that a customer did need this type of assistance, I just printed this document out and gave it to them.

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