Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You Mean I Have to Learn How to Use Another Word Processing Tool

Some day soon, a customer may ask for some word processing assistance. You had taken the various Word trainings that I have offered so you approach the customer's computer with confidence. But when you arrive, you see something quite different than Word. Did we change word processing software and not notify anybody? No, we would never do that.

Chances are, the customer is using www.writely.com. This is an online word processor that Google now owns and it is free with registration. Click here to take a tour.

You can also use this if you ever need to collaborate with several staff in various branches. Instead of sending attachments back and forth, just create the document on Writely and anyone can update the document from anywhere. You can assign who can see and edit the document, or you can make it available to the whole world. Once the document is complete, you can transfer it to Word easily, or just print it directly from Writely.

If you want to give it a shot, I have created a document that anyone can edit. Just click here and type away! You will need to Sign Up, which is super quick.

NOTE: Make sure you are using the right browser (click here to see a list of supported browsers).

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