Monday, August 07, 2006

Receive Web Feeds in Your Email

Lately, I have been advertising the web feed reader/aggregator as a way to receive updates from various web feeds (click here for links to past articles). The only problem with this is that some folks have a hard enough time remembering to check their e-mail that they could never remember to check ANOTHER website.

Welcome to If you register for feedblitz, you can subscribe to various feeds and you will receive a daily email with any new posts that were added the previous day. While this does take a bit a work upfront, once it is set up, you can receive all of your updates through your familiar email interface.

For an extensive list of aggregators, visit this site. The first category is Web-Based Aggregators like bloglines. Scroll down to E-mail Based Aggregators to see a list of sites like feedblitz.

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