Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Can Customers Use Our Printers to Print from Their Laptops? Quick Answer: No

Someone recently asked this question:

I have a customer who asked about bringing his laptop to the branch and wanted to know if he could print from his laptop onto our computers?? Can he?

Unfortunately, technological limitations prevent us from allowing customers to use our print system with their laptops.

So how do we help this customer that wants to print something on their laptop?

If the customer wants to print a document (Word, Excel, etc.), then we need to find a way to move the file from the laptop to one of our public computers. If the customer has a flash drive, then we are in business. Of course, you can always have the customer e-mail the document to their own e-mail account. The customer can then access the attachment from their e-mail account via a public computer.

If the customer wants to print a web page, you can ask them to access the web page on a public computer and print. HINT: If the URL is extremely lengthy, they can copy and paste it into an e-mail message.

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