Tuesday, February 06, 2007

EPS: Our Face on the Web

Go Live 2So all of the posts from the Go Live Series thus far have pertained to Holds via WorkFlows. But I am going to shift gears a bit and talk about something other than WorkFlows. Why? Well, all staff do not have access to WorkFlows, yet. Eventually, we will have WorkFlows installed at each location with a connection to a "Test Server". This will allow staff to use the product without affecting real data. So it would be nice if you could read something here and then go try it out on the Test Server. So, until that is available, I will focus on other tools that you can currently get your hands on.

For instance, the Enterprise Portal Solution (while still in the works) has a sample version that you can currently take for a spin. Although not all customizations are in place yet, you can begin to get an idea of the enhanced experience in store for MPLIC customers and staff. But first, what is the Enterprise Portal Solution?

The ILS Blog had a series almost a year ago(!) about the Enterprise Portal Solution. It would be worth it to go back and review those posts. Here they are:

In short, the Enterprise Portal Solution will be the new public web page. Next, I will talk about item searching via the EPS.

Here is the link to the EPS page on the training wiki.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please let me know (email, phone, comments, wiki discussion page, etc.).

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