Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Will We Be Upgrading to MS Vista and MS Office 2007 Anytime Soon? Quick Answer: No

As you may have heard, Microsoft just released the new version of their Windows operating system, MS Vista. Coinciding with this new release is the new MS Office 2007 product line.

Several staff members and customers have asked recently if we will be upgrading to MS Vista and MS Office 2007 anytime soon. This is not in our current time line. In fact, we will be installing over 150 new computers soon as a result of a Gates Foundation grant, but these new computers will still utilize the Windows XP operating system and MS Office 2003.

So, if a customers asks, let them know we will be using our current setup for a while and do not have current plans to upgrade.

This, of course, effects the content of our public computer classes. We have had several customers requesting training on the new Vista operating system. However, since our trainings are focused on teaching people how to use library computers, we will not offer trainings on Vista and Office 2007 until library computers use them.

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robert said...

It may not be such a bad idea to continue waiting on the Vista upgrade. Microsoft had to release a Service Pack update recently to work out some of the bugs in the original release of Vista. It helps, but there will probably be more updates in the future.