Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How Do I Comment? It's Asking Me to Log In!

Don't worry. Comments are for anyone. It is a bit misleading though. Just click on comment and type your comments. Then under Choose Your Identity, click Other or Anonymous. The default identifying option is Blogger, therefore it asks you to type your Blogger username and password in order to publish your post. If you change to Other, you have a place to add your name (optional) and a Publish button. If you select Anonymous, you just have a Publish button.

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Dean E. Moore said...

Working in Humanities yesterday I came across a printing problem for a customer. I was able to resolve it partially. When the customer sent a document to print from an Adobe file it gave her the following error message.
"Page count Job cancelled by plug-in Internal error Unhandled typecheck. Contact your system adminstrator"
I went back to her computer and resent the second page as "print current page" This worked. When she went back to her first page and tried to print it she got this same message. I tried "print current page" "Print active page" and every other print option to no avail. This same message appeared.

Any suggestions?