Thursday, February 16, 2006


Here is a bit of advice I would like to share with you. More of a demand, actually. Register with Why? We all know what blogs are, but do we? My image of a blog used to be someone’s personal rants about the world and pictures of their Schnauzer named Walter. While that is a correct visual for many blogs, there is another blogworld out there. Take these for example: A blog from 3 OCLC staff about all things present and future that impact libraries and library users. A blog about one librarian’s experience on the theorized Information Shift, a change from pursuing information to receiving information and how that change will affect libraries.

What does this have to do with Well, these are two of maybe 40 blogs about the library profession. Who has time to continually check all of these websites for new articles? No one. However, if you register with bloglines, you can “subscribe” to any blog and bloglines will send the articles to YOU.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology and the change facing the library world today. Register with, now.

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Alan Stewart said...

And don't forget, you can subscribe to MPLIC blogs through Bloglines as well -- the ILS blog at as well as the Technical Trainer's blog!

-- Alan