Monday, February 20, 2006

Word: The Reviewing Toolbar for the Editors in All of Us

Have you ever co-created a document with a group of people? Chances are, you needed to email the document back and forth to numerous people. Perhaps you wanted to add some comments but found it time consuming and confusing (ex. "I would make this change in the middle of the second paragraph, the sentence that starts with. . .).

Try the Reviewing Toolbar available in MS Word the next time this occurs. To access this toolbar, click on View on the Menu Bar. Then point to Toolbars. A menu of available toolbars will appear. Click on Reviewing.

This allows you to add comments to the actual document. Would you phrase a sentence differently. Highlight the sentence. Click on the New Comment button and type away.

When the originator of the document receives your comments, they can use the Reviewing toolbar to either reject or accept the change. If they accept, the document is automatically updated. No need to retype!

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