Thursday, February 16, 2006

Word: Format Picture

Here are some tips to help you with customers who have inserted pictures into their Microsoft Word documents:

Double-click on the picture to bring up the Format Picture dialog box. This box has three important tabs.

The first is called Colors and Lines. Use it to add a frame (or Line) to the picture. Choose the color of the Line and then select the Weight. The higher the Weight, the bigger the Line will be (option only available when wrapping style is not "In Line with Text" (see below)).

Use the Size tab to make the picture bigger or smaller. The ratio should be locked so that when you change the Height, the Width will automatically adjust and vice versa.

And use the Layout tab to select the Wrapping Style (how the text wraps around the picture). In Line with Text will treat the picture like any other letter. Square and Tight will have the text wrap around the picture like you see in a newspaper or book. Or you can lay the picture Behind Text or In Front of Text.

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