Thursday, February 16, 2006

Word: AutoText It!

Tired of typing “Memphis Public Library & Information Center” over and over again? In Microsoft Word, all you need to do is add it to your AutoText. If you are typing in Word and you type a day of the week or a month, you will notice that Word will suggest the word before you finish typing.

For example, when I type January, all I have to type is “Janu” before Word suggests “January”. Then I just hit enter and Word automatically finishes the word for me. That is called AutoText.

You can add your own words or phrases to the AutoText list.

1) Click on “Insert” in the Menu Bar.
2) Point at “AutoText” and another Menu will appear.
3) Click on the “AutoText” in that separate menu.
4) Type whatever word or phrase you want.
5) Click “Add”.

Now, all I have to type is “Memp” to pull up the AutoText suggestion of “Memphis Public Library & Information Center”, thereby saving me 39 keystrokes. Add many of your regularly used words or phrases and your typing time will diminish significantly.

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